Company Profile

Our History

Comes with a strong commitment to provide the right and best solution. We continue to build and strengthen our team, to expand our existence to the nation and worldwide And in the era of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0. FrontLiner Indonesia is willing to drive the economy and participate in local IT market by bringing many ideas, flexibility and solutions to moving forward along with our customers & their businesses passing through this modernization era.

Comes with the name PT. FronLainer Teknologi Indonesia, the company is conducting by two ambitious and generous individual mindset. We find that Co-operation is the key in IT nowadays instead of competition, and For this reason, the founder carry this philosophy,

"A thousand friends are too few, one enemy is too many (Seribu Kawan terlalu sedikit, dan satu musuh terlalu banyak)".

And even though we just established this year (2019), We try to manage our organization by considering each internal & external aspects. That is why in developing our business, We strive to build strategic alliances, expand and maintain our network, and respect our vendor / co-working partners. And we believe… To be a FrontLiner, we can never be alone, We must be part of future industry development roadmap This is what build us in our earliest chapter